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About Me and Feather Forge


This is usually where we see an awkward third party account about me and we all pretend that it's not me writing it in the first place. I prefer to do things a little differently. 


So hello, my name is Andy. I'm an Englishman living in beautiful Scotland with my wonderful wife, our very soon to be two children and our cheeky dog Finn. My forge is based in Govan in Glasgow

I genuinely struggle at putting into words how blacksmithing makes me feel. It is so incredibly rewarding to create something and look at a tool or an object and think, "I made that." 


I've always loved making things from a very early age, be it Lego or mud pies or a den. As I got older I got interested in metalwork through my engineer father and learned to create what I wanted to with his help. 


In early 2006 I got involved with a historical craft centre, which had an onsite blacksmith. I had an experience day with him and that was me hooked. I made an awful spear head which I still have today. 





In the early days I had a very basic setup: A forge constructed from bricks and a borrowed silversmith's anvil with just one pair of tongs. As soon as I started bashing hot metal, Feather Forge was born. Move forward to today and I have set up a fully kitted workshop which can handle just about anything. 


I am a mixture of self-taught and classically trained blacksmith. My work is traditional and honest, every shape and form is hand made with fire and anvil and every item is unique and special. I can forge anything from period accurate re-enactment tools to gates and railings.




All the best 

Andy Mckenzie

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