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"There is a moment for every student when everything clicks and they just get it."

Andy and fire

Do you want to have a go at blacksmithing? 


Come and visit me at my forge. I have everything you could possibly wish for, including as much tea or coffee as you can drink. 


The class is completely tailored to you and your skill level. Whether it's your first time holding a hammer or you want to develop your current skills, we can work it out.

All materials are included and you keep what you make.

WAIT WAIT WAIT, what about dates Andy? 

Unfortunately I don't do this full time and I work offshore primarily. As such I can be away for up to three weeks at a time. This is usually regular and predictable but things can change at short notice. 


A gift voucher is emailed over for all classes. 

Damascus Sgian Dubhs

Damascus Chef's
 Knife Class

A three day class where we weld up our very own 120-240 layer billet of Damascus steel, then forge an 8" chef's knife. 

This is not a class for the fainthearted, it's a gruelling three days of hard work but the finished piece is utterly stunning. 

There may even be enough billet left to make a couple of small Sgian Dubh style blades. 

This class is currently for a maximum of two people at a time. 

"Had a fantastic few days with Andy at his forge. Made a gorgeous Damascus Bowie knife in a few days. Andy was great and very knowledgeable.

5 star experience, would recommend to anyone." ~ Joe Coughlin 

Happy customer Damascus class

Beginner Blacksmithing Class

This one day class is a perfect introduction to blacksmithing for complete beginners.


We start with all the basics in the morning and forge a hook and a bottle opener. Then in the afternoon we forge a bigger item such as, but not limited to; a poker, fire rake or toasting fork. All materials, tea and biscuits included. 

Beginner class items hooks
Happy customer after beginners blacksmithing class

"Fantastic day Blacksmithing with Andy at Feather Forge.

Great teacher, informative and gives you a great sense that you have really created something yourself!

will definitely be back. Thanks Andy!" ~ Paul Young

Happy customer with bottle opener

Blacksmithing Taster -Forging a Bottle Opener

This is an approximately 2 hour taster session for a maximum of 3 people. 


Typically we forge a bottle opener but we can make anything within reason. On a recent class, a couple made a decorative letter opener. 

"We attended the bottle opener class today and after a few failed attempts we done it! Andy was so patient with us and a really friendly, knowledgeable guy whose passion for the craft shined. We couldn't stop admiring our creations on the journey home. Hopefully we will be back for a bladesmithing class in the near future! Highly recommend." ~ Caitlin Mooney

Happy couple after blacksmithing taster class

Group Beginner Blacksmithing Class

A one day class for a minimum of two and maximum of three people.


Just like the beginners course, we start with all the basics and then forge a selection of items. Typically students will walk away with hook, a bottle opener and a poker, fire rake or toasting fork. All materials, tea and biscuits included.  

Andy being silly and blacksmiths
Happy couple after group beginners class

"Chris and I thoroughly enjoyed our beginner blacksmithing day with Andy! He is a great teacher with great patience. Loved the items we made and would definitely recommend to others!" ~ Linda Paxton

Sgian Dubh

Sgian Dubh class

This is a one day class where you will make your very own Sgian Dubh from start to finish. 

This class involves a combination of forging and a lot of grinding, sanding and polishing. 

Due to equipment limitations this class is for a maximum of two people. 

NB: Unless you specifically want to make a knife or you're more interested in the forging side of things I suggest taking the beginners class above. 

"I've been really looking forward to this for so long. It was an incredible experience with Andy who was an excellent teacher and a great laugh. My fiancé and I had a fun filled day and really achieved something making Sgian Dubh's. I would fully recommend this as an experience or as a gateway into hobby smithing or those looking to make this a career. Also Andy has the coolest forge dog called Finn!" ~ Daryl Haynes

Daryl quenching his Sgian Dubh

Tool Making Class

This one day class is aimed at people who have their own forge and want to elevate their skill set.  


We forges a set of tongs and several punches. We also go over basic heat treatment. 

NB: Due to the complex nature of this class I recommend this class be one on one. 

tongs and punches
Happy Adrian after tool making class

"I highly recommend the Tool Making Class to anyone who has learned some of the basics of blacksmithing and wants to take it further. Andy not only knows his subject well, but can also explain it clearly and is happy to share his knowledge and experience. His relaxed and approachable teaching style helps to put you at your ease and makes a day at Feather Forge fun as well as instructive. 


Even though I was very much a beginner (having only completed a Beginner Blacksmithing Class a couple of months earlier), Andy's expert guidance saw me forging two different types of punch, a slitting chisel and a pair of tongs. These tools - and the skills I learned - are still serving me well a couple of years later." ~ Adrian Waterworth

Andy using a sledgehammer


I bring the forge to you and make a range of items on site. This can be tailored to the event, be it historical or a general display. Full risk assessments are carried out and I bring all safety equipment with me. 

NB - I keep the tea and biscuits.

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