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Damascus Chef Knife class

Damascus Chef Knife class


Forge your very own Damascus chef's knife, using similar techniques used by Japanese smiths to forge the iconic Samurai Swords. 


This is an intensive, three day class. On day one we will prepare and weld up a 15 layer billet of 1095 and 15N20 high carbon steel. We'll do the initial welds then cut and fold the billet up to four times creating a bar with up to 240 individual layers. 


On day two we will forge the blade itself, forging the overall shape before moving to the belt grinder to finalise the outline and grind the bevels before hardening and tempering the blade. 


Day three will be spent hand sanding the blade and fitting the handle. 


  • What to wear & What to bring

    Despite my best efforts, blacksmithing is a dirty job. Make sure you wear old clothes that can get dirty and sensible shoes. Clothes should ideally be natural materials, jeans and a cotton top are ideal. Please do not wear synthetic materials as these can melt. 

    It can be hot work too, we'll stop for regular tea/ coffee breaks but it's worth bringing a bottle of water with you. 

    Lunch is available from the charity that owns my workshop on Wednesday to Friday, though if you do partake please make a donation to them. 

    For classes booked on Saturday - Tuesday, please bring your own packed lunch, though there are shops nearby. 

  • Cancellations

    Due to the unfortunate nature of my primary day job, from time to time my availability may change at very short notice. (Some times this can be less than 24hrs) 

    I will always email you a few days ahead of the class to make sure everything is still ok. 

    If however for what ever reason I need to cancel the class, I will offer a full refund or the opportunity to reschedule the class at a later date. 

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