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Blacksmiths Coal Forge

Blacksmiths Coal Forge


This is a great starter forge for anyone looking to get into blacksmithing with solid fuel.


This is fabricated in house by me from 5mm steel plate. (They weigh a fair bit.) But at only 18" / 45cm Square they're remarkably compact. The legs come off so you can store the forge relatively easily. 


Based on the American "Bottom Blast" design the air comes from beneath the fire and has a simple ash dump to remove any waste build up. The fire-pot is made from 8mm thick steel and will give many years of use. 


In the pictures above you will notice that the forge is running off a simple hair drier, this is a perfectly simple solution and will provide more than enough air for this forge. (Hair drier not included, and don't try and borrow your wife's, it doesn't end well trust me.) 



NB - This is a very heavy item and will need to be delivered by pallet. 

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