"There is a moment for every student when everything clicks and they just get it."

Do you want to have a go at blacksmithing? 


Come and visit me at my forge. I have everything you could possibly wish for, including as much tea or coffee as you can drink. 


Alternatively I also have a completely portable set up and would be more than happy to bring the forge to you for a blacksmithing class or demonstration. 


The class is completely tailored to you and your skill level. Whether it's your first time holding a hammer or you want to develop your current skills, we can work it out.


Typically these would be on a one on one basis but I have three forging stations so can have up to three people forging at one time and can rotate people around for larger groups. 


All materials are included and you keep what you make.

WAIT WAIT WAIT, what about dates Andy? 

Unfortunately I don't do this full time and I work offshore primarily. As such I can be away for up to three weeks at a time. This is usually regular and predictable but things can change at short notice. 

How do I book a class? 

Order your class in the online shop and drop me an email to arrange dates. Gift voucher's are available on request. 

Damascus Chef's

 Knife Class

A three day class where we weld up our very own 120-240 layer billet of Damascus steel, then forge an 8" chef's knife. 

This is not a class for the fainthearted, it's a gruelling three days of hard work but the finished piece is utterly stunning. 

There may even be enough billet left to make a couple of small Sgian Dubh style blades. 

This class is currently for a maximum of two people at a time. 

Blacksmithing Taster -Forging a Bottle Opener

A taster session where we forge a bottle opener from a bar of steel. I'll run you through all the basics of forging and you walk away with a bottle opener for life. 

Beginner Blacksmithing Class

We start with all the basics in the morning and forge a hook and a bottle opener. Then in the afternoon we forge a bigger item such as, but not limited to; a poker, fire rake or toasting fork. All materials, tea and biscuits included. 

Group Beginner Blacksmithing Class

Just like the beginners course, we start with all the basics and then forge a selection of items depending on the skill level of the group. Typically students will walk away with a selection of hooks, a bottle opener and a poker, fire rake or toasting fork. All materials, tea and biscuits included. 


NB: I have three forging stations so can have up to three people forging at any one time. If your group is larger than this we will rotate you around so everyone gets to forge. 

Sgian Dubh class

Forge your very own Sgian Dubh from start to finish. We take a bar of steel and turn it into something awesome. 

This class involves a combination of forging and a lot of grinding, sanding and polishing. 

Unless you specifically want to make a knife or you're more interested in the forging side of things I suggest taking the beginners class above. 

 NB: I prefer a maximum of two people on this class, (due to equipment limitations*) but I can do three at a squeeze. 

*I don't have enough tools. 

Tool Making Class

This is a slightly more advanced class where we will make a set of simple blacksmith punches and chisels.


Students will walk away with a centre punch, round and square punches, an eye punch, slitting chisel and a fuller. Or a set of tongs.

NB - Due to the slightly more complex nature of this class I can only accept up to two students.  


I bring the forge to you and make a range of items on site. This can be tailored to the event, be it historical or a general display. Full risk assessments are carried out and I bring all safety equipment with me. 

NB - I keep the tea and biscuits.

Contact: Featherforge@gmail.com / 07837985786

15 Fairley Street, Glasgow, G51 2SN


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